Emergency Fueling


Rossee Oil Company offers tanker trucks, short trucks and mini-molbile fueling trailers available for fuel service during any disaster. Our tankers offer 9200 gallons and short trucks range from 2500-8500 gallons. In addition, we provide mobile fuel sites from a 500-2000 gal cap. Through our trailers or trucks. We staff highly qualified Hazmat drivers, available for dispatch anywhere in the US within 18-24 hours.
With nearly 70 years in experience, our company knows how to move fuel and maintain customer satisfaction during the case of emergencies. In 2007, our company assisted in emergency fuel relief in Houston, Texas following Hurricane Gustav, as well as assisted AT&T with moblie fuel sites. In 2012, we provided fuel sites throughout New York and New Jersey for Homeland Security and the United States Military following Hurricane Sandy.
We are your trusted resource for emergency fuel management. Contact us for more information.